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Explain the spray process of spray gun pressure barrel

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Spray process of spray gun pressure barrel: place the paint in the pressure barrel, cover the cover, apply air pressure to the pressure barrel and manual spray gun barrel, wait for the pressure barrel glue to squeeze onto the manual spray gun, then spray paint can be carried out, and then spray test can be carried out. On the manual spray gun, spray paint mode can also be adjusted, and the concentration and range can be adjusted.
  The use of spray gun pressure bucket is very simple. Apart from the trouble of installation, other things are not matters. Any way of use can be solved quickly. According to the core requirements of the product, the spray gun pressure bucket can also increase the number of liters of pressure bucket. Because of the large demand for daily use, it is necessary to upgrade the capacity. If we are using paint spray Coating, long use time, can also be matched in the pressure bucket, mixing pressure bucket, can prevent the pressure bucket from sedimentation, and the paint activity can be maintained all the time.
  The effect of manual paint spraying is certainly not higher than that of automation. For example, in addition to the gap of paint surface adjustment, there is also the gap between the uniformity of manual paint spraying and automation. According to the demand of core products, the core business of products can be solved. The effect of manual paint spraying is better than that of paint painting, and the effect of paint spraying is better, It has better coverage. It often uses paint for spraying. It will choose a spray gun pressure bucket, which can solve many painting effects that cannot be solved by hand.

  We also understand the use of spray gun pressure barrel. If you have any demand or other problems, please call our hotline: 13662812001.
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