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Adhesion of plastic vehicle bracket

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The adhesive effect of the plastic vehicle bracket is realized by the semi-automatic glue filling machine produced by our company. This is a simple semi-automatic machine, which is composed of a manual large flow dispensing valve and a stainless steel pressure barrel. It has the function of storage and dispensing. The glue amount is controlled manually, and the glue path is also. The production mode is very convenient, and the dispensing mode can be changed at any time according to the product.
  Operation mode of manual large flow dispensing valve: glue delivery large flow dispensing valve, and then the tablet can be pressed by hand to extrude the internal glue. Through the air pressure value in the stainless steel pressure barrel, the glue can be extruded out to complete the glue delivery. Point and line gluing can be carried out. The glue flow can also be controlled by the dispensing valve, simple structure, precise design, and gluing on the plastic vehicle bracket The connection effect can be satisfied. The main price is cheap. Only 1000 yuan is needed for one set.
  Our company has automatic and semi-automatic machines to meet the needs. In order to meet the actual dispensing needs, our company has also specially purchased the plastic car bracket as a sample for dispensing, to test whether the quality of the machine meets the needs. Both machines have been tested, even and full. The automatic speed is fast, the semi-automatic glue filling machine is about five times faster, and the price will be more than ten times, which is 15300 Yuan / set.
  The semi-automatic glue filling machine aims at the small product demand of the manufacturer, because the monthly production is not very large, and the product is often replaced, it meets the use requirements of the semi-automatic glue filling machine, which can solve the glue dispensing problem, and has speed. If the manufacturer has a very large quantity, it can produce more than 100000 yuan per month, and the effect of using the automatic machine is more obvious. The final decision is to select the appropriate glue dispensing equipment according to the manufacturer How.
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