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Application of red glue

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The application range of red glue is still quite large. There are several ways, such as printing, dispensing and needle rotating. The main application scope is electronics, steel mesh, capacitor and diode. Red glue is often used. In fact, the automatic dispensing method is fast and simple. According to the requirements of manufacturers, our company can manufacture appropriate automatic machines and dispensing valves as production equipment.

  Red glue dispensing (two modes)

  Semi automatic dispensing method: only 30ml or 55ml glue can be used. A semi-automatic machine will be equipped. If the glue is installed on the adapter, the dispensing can be carried out. The effect of glue control is poor. It is necessary to manually control the dispensing track, and the machine can control the air pressure and flow. For some products with low dispensing accuracy, dispensing can be realized!
  Automatic dispensing mode: there is a machine platform with an automatic dispensing valve. Glue is placed next to the dispensing valve, and there is a pressure barrel to store glue. Dispensing will be more convenient. In addition to manual feeding, all other operations are completed by machine. The effect of red glue dripping can be brought into play according to the requirements of the product.
  There are many applications of red glue. There are two ways to apply red glue. You can choose the appropriate application effect of red glue according to the requirements of the products. In this way, the manufacturers will have better effect. According to the core requirements of the products, our company can also manufacture suitable dispensing equipment and dispensing accessories. This is the advantage of changjiao. If you have any demand, you can contact us !
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