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How to match the pressure barrel of two-component glue

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The two-component glue pouring with pressure bucket is the main device for glue storage. Because of the large amount of two-component glue used every day, it is inevitable to use pressure bucket for storage. How to match the appropriate pressure bucket? According to three points, first, glue mixing ratio, second, daily use amount, and third, ease of use, which greatly improves the product filling efficiency.

  The first point

  The two-component glue has a mixing ratio of 1:1 ~ 10:1. If glue a is 5 and glue B is 1, the lift of pressure barrel can be five times different. It is not necessary to match the same large pressure barrel, which will waste cost.

  Second point

  According to the demand, match the appropriate double liquid glue filling barrel according to the demand. If the glue setting speed is fast, take the morning as the quantity, and if the setting speed is slow, select the filling barrel appropriately to ensure that the daily production is up to the standard. In this way, matching the pressure barrel is helpful for production, saving cost and using the most appropriate way.

  The third point

  The purpose of using the automatic machine is to have a good glue filling environment. The single flat cover pressure bucket can not meet the demand. More accessories should be assembled in the pressure barrel, such as: mixing device, funnel, liquid level detection, bottom glue outlet and side glue outlet. The price demand of these configurations is not high, but the production mode can be changed, which has a great effect on the glue filling effect.
  For how to choose the two-component glue pouring barrel has a certain understanding, the premise is that the two-component glue storage has a certain understanding, can have a better use method, if you have any place that you do not understand, welcome to call our manufacturer Oh!
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