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Optional dispensing valve for red glue dropping

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Using the right dispensing accessories, the red glue dropping glue can also be very simple, because each glue will have its unique characteristics. According to the characteristics and requirements, choosing the appropriate dispensing valve can meet the product dispensing demand, and the effect must meet the core needs of the manufacturer. So what type of dispensing valve should be used for the red glue drop? Due to the high viscosity of the glue, the heating type is recommended Screw dispensing valve.
  Screw dispensing valve is a voltage type dispensing valve, which uses voltage and air pressure as the power source. Its working principle: there is a small servo motor inside the dispensing valve, which can drive the screw to rotate. The glue can be squeezed into the screw device through the air pressure, and the glue can be squeezed out by turning the screw. A heating device is added beside the red glue dispensing valve, which can heat the red glue to 30 ° to 35 ° which is the most suitable dispensing temperature for red glue, which has good flow and is convenient for glue solidification.
  Red glue dispensing valve is another name of screw dispensing valve applied to red glue. It is called red glue dispensing valve because it can better distinguish dispensing valve by directly naming it with glue. Working principle: there is a place on the red dispensing valve to place the needle cylinder of the dispensing valve. The whole glue can be directly placed on the fixed device, connected with the air pressure value, and then adjust the parameters of the controller, and then dispensing. The temperature of the heating device is controlled by the controller to ensure a constant temperature.
  Our company has designed the whole red glue dripping glue well. We will match the machines, dispensing valves and fixtures that need to be used. As long as the manufacturer takes it back, it can be used, which is very convenient. This is the one-stop service of the manufacturer.
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