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Two component glue storage mode, sustainable glue pouring mo

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In fact, glue storage is quite simple. There are many types of stainless steel pressure barrels. In order to achieve better glue storage, we need to have a certain understanding of some accessories to better meet the requirements of glue storage. In fact, the requirements of two-component and single-component glue are similar. Let me tell you how to realize glue storage and what methods are available skill.
  The storage of two-component glue depends on the viscosity and the proportion of glue. The viscosity determines the type, and the proportion determines the size and mode. The viscosity is not very high. The ordinary flat cover pressure bucket is generally used, which is cheap, convenient and has high viscosity. In order to improve the glue transportation, the side or bottom glue may be used to reduce the demand for air pressure and improve the fluidity; the glue proportion If the ratio is 5:1, a rubber barrel can use a pressure barrel five times larger than B. The 5-liter pressure bucket is much more expensive than the 1-liter pressure bucket!
  Double liquid glue filling barrel is generally composed of two parts. Barrel a and barrel B may be different. If it is convenient to pour glue, choose it. In fact, double liquid glue filling barrel can be matched by manufacturers who buy machines. If they don't match well, welcome to us. The price is favorable and the quantity is more favorable. Our company is a manufacturer specializing in pressure barrel and dispensing valve accessories, and has the strength to manufacture non-standard products Two component glue filling can also use our machine! Dispensing machine and filling machine are also involved, which can solve the problem of glue storage within 10:1.
  Do you know something about the storage of two-component glue? It is the best way to solve the problem. If you don't understand something, please consult our company. We can solve many puzzles for you!
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