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Pressure control mode of pressure drum in Houjie factory

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Some manufacturers get the pressure barrel, but they can't use it. In fact, it's very simple, but they haven't touched it. They don't understand the installation and air pressure control very well. Now I'd like to ask you how to regulate the pressure of the pressure barrel, and what methods can be used to solve the problem of glue transportation in the pressure barrel.
  Take the cylinder pressure barrel as an example. Generally, the air pressure is 10kg, relative to 1.0MPa. The air compressor can be in this range, and it is better not to exceed it. However, the cylinder pressure transmission is generally 0.8MPa, less than 0.2MPa, which can ensure that the pressure barrel does not burst. We will have 5kg safety valve in the configuration. If it exceeds 10kg, the air pressure will be automatically released, and the pressure regulating valve can be used To limit the value to ensure that it is in a safe range of air pressure.
  The range of air pressure can be selected according to the viscosity of glue. For very thin glue, the air pressure does not need to be too high, and can be controlled at 0.4MPa. The range does not need to be very accurate, because the air pressure of cylinder pressure barrel does not affect the dispensing. As long as the range is enough to transport glue, the glue viscosity is high, and the glue must be adjusted at 0.7 ~ 0.8MPa. If the air pressure is not high, the piston must be used, and then the air pressure should be increased Pressure will lead to the safety valve can not bear, can only use the piston pressure barrel, using the piston to provide pressure, so as to squeeze the glue from the pressure bucket to the glue point valve.
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