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How to choose the type of pressure bucket based on the speci

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Pressure pail is an important accessory for large dispensing equipment to store and supply glue. It is also called glue storage bucket. It connects pressure bucket with air pressure valve. When working normally, it will squeeze glue through pressure. If you want to make a high volume dispensing work best to choose a suitable pressure bucket, bucket capacity pressure can ensure the smooth implementation of the dispensing work, there are many types of pressure barrel, if the user needs to complete the work of special dispensing must choose the corresponding working pressure barrel.
Carbon steel or stainless steel is the main material for making pressure pail. The pressure barrel made of carbon steel has high hardness and high working intensity, and can store a lot of glue, which ensures the stability of dispensing glue, and the actual dispensing performance is excellent. Because the carbon steel pressure pail is treated by powder spraying, the glue can not be directly poured into the pressure bucket, and the corresponding pressure can be avoided if the pressure barrel is affected.
The pressure barrel made of stainless steel is the most representative work of a daily dispensing accessories, stainless steel can long-term stability of glue supply, glue with certain corrosion resistance, stainless steel pressure barrel can be stored for a long time and glue to keep the best working state, if the high demand to perform dispensing can choose stainless steel barrels as work pressure dispensing accessories. Stainless steel pressure barrels are in high market sales and demand, so most pressure barrel manufacturers will choose stainless steel material to make pressure barrels.
There are many pressure barrels on the market, such as piston pressure barrel, head pressure cylinder, filling pressure bucket, etc. if the user wants to complete the high demand and stable dispensing work, the stainless steel pressure bucket can be selected.
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