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What does screw valve function include?

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Screw valve manufacturers may have said a lot, but do not know its role, today let Xiaobian with you adults to understand the role of screw valve, see the expensive dispensing valve, what is the role, whether it can have a good dispensing effect, whether to meet the dispensing needs of all industries, and what is the core and effect of production.

  Screw valve action

  1. For the high-precision dispensing industry, accurate control, all rely on precision motor driven screw conveying glue.
  2. It has good sealing performance, has the effect of suction, and can prevent dripping and wire drawing.
  3. Strong persistence, can be connected to the pressure barrel for use.
  4. There is no problem to use high viscosity and low viscosity glue, which can meet the viscosity of 1 ~ 1300000 CPS.
  5. Easy to clean, specially designed dispensing device, cleaning in three minutes.
 6. It is made of tungsten steel, and the quality is reliable after collision test.
  At present, our company produces many kinds of screw valves, including single liquid screw dispensing valve, double liquid screw dispensing valve, heating screw valve, large capacity screw valve, micro screw valve, etc. These are all produced by our company, involving every kind of glue in every industry. As long as the ordinary dispensing valve can't do it, we can consider screw dispensing valve, some micro particles of glue will also make Screw dispensing valve is used as dispensing device.
  Screw valve is used to make up for the dispensing effect that ordinary dispensing valve can not achieve. At present, the high-end dispensing valve is no longer the effect that ordinary dispensing valve can achieve. If the manufacturer has the demand in this respect, please consult.
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