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Classify all current dispensing needle materials

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There are many types of dispensing needles, which can be classified according to materials. At present, there are many materials, such as stainless steel, plastic and PP materials, Teflon, nickel steel and so on. Stainless steel materials are the most expensive materials, and the use is relatively less. The glue dispensing needles combined with plastic and nickel steel are used most frequently with moderate price, and the price of plastics is cheap, and the types are relatively few.
  For example, stainless steel dispensing needle can be used in high-temperature glue, which will not affect the shape of stainless steel needle. It does not melt or deform, and has a long service life. For high temperature dispensing device, plastic steel dispensing needle is cheap, and the needle tube is nickel steel, which is fine in manufacturing High degree, plastic seat, cost saving, not only dispensing precision, but also can save costs, quite convenient.
  Each dispensing needle has its own characteristics, so we can analyze from the material, which dispensing device to use, and fundamentally solve the dispensing problem. Our company has also developed a suitable dispensing device, which can be used together with the dispensing needle to complete the diversified dispensing requirements, which is full of the dispensing, gluing and filling tasks of the product.
  The function of stainless steel needle and plastic steel dispensing needle is very obvious. If you want to achieve better gluing effect, you must match the needle. Now you have a certain understanding of the needle material, and also understand the use method, so as not to know how to choose the dispensing needle. If you have the demand in this respect, welcome to consult the manufacturer!
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