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Adjustment mode of dispensing parameters

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Dispensing parameters are adjusted through the machine system and controller. The system mainly adjusts the parameters such as mechanical axis speed, moving track, interval time, dispensing accuracy, etc., while the controller controls the air pressure, glue output, suction ratio, etc., and each parameter has a core control effect, which can ensure that dispensing is completed as we want. This is why it is matched accordingly Dispensing device.

  Dispensing valve controller

  1. It can control the parameters of the dispensing valve. The air pressure value is controlled by the controller. It can adjust the size according to the glue viscosity and the glue output.
  2. To control the glue delivery and closing, the controller has normally open and normally closed two glue outlet air pressure holes, which are just corresponding to the normally open and normally closed glue dispensing valve. It can control the opening and closing of the dispensing valve axis, so as to control the glue quantity.
  3. In addition, it can prevent the glue from leaking back into the screw, which can control the glue leakage.
  4. Voltage transmission, general screw valve using 24 voltage, belongs to through the dispensing valve controller to convert 220 V to 24 v.
  Dispensing parameter adjustment is a very important link, which can meet the dispensing requirements of various products. It depends on the dispensing parameter adjustment requirements. According to the core requirements of the product, our company can manufacture the corresponding controller and machine platform. With the appropriate dispensing device, dispensing will get twice the result with half the effort. For example, we need better dispensing device, better dispensing effect, heating and ordinary hot melting Glue dispensing valve can not meet, can use hot melt glue screw valve, can change dispensing device according to demand, our company has customized machine technology, technology is mature.
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