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Usage of stainless steel needle cylinder

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Stainless steel needle cylinder is a conventional type of dispensing accessories, which can replace stainless steel pressure barrel. The storage capacity of glue is from 10cc to 500cc, and the appropriate specification can be selected according to the actual consumption. The stainless steel needle cylinder is also relatively simple to use. It can be directly connected to the dispensing controller and poured into the dispensing syringe for dispensing. It can be configured for manual or automatic use.
  The use of syringes is very simple. They are all unskilled things. If you just use dispensing syringes, you'd better not use pistons. The pistons can't cause suction, which will easily lead to glue leakage or overflow, leading to production failure. According to the previous core requirements, we generally recommend not to use pistons. In fact, our company generally does not configure pistons, and some manufacturers have requirements, But the aspect is still relatively few, according to our company's core requirements, can quickly solve the product demand.
  There are some ways for the syringe. Just like other dispensing syringes, ordinary dispensing devices can be used for dispensing. The requirements are very low. If you have such requirements, you can use stainless steel syringe with semi-automatic dispenser. You can still realize dispensing device, which can quickly solve the dispensing problem of products. If you have any needs, please contact me Oh!
  We have all kinds of stainless steel needle cylinder specifications. The price is cheap and the quantity is good. According to the core requirements of the manufacturer, it is OK to customize the appropriate dispensing device. Our company has the corresponding core technology, but customization needs at least ten starting points. The price is the same. If you have any demand, please contact us.
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