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Precision dispensing valve accessories

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Many people who have used dispensing equipment know the function of the precise dispensing valve, which is used for dispensing. However, many people do not use the accessories, and the size of the air connection hole and the material connection hole may be different. Today, let's talk about the accessories of the precise dispensing valve, what are the internal core consumables, and how to make targeted selection?
  Dispensing valve accessories: the air hole interface is M6, the material interface is M8, and the sealing ring, both of which are very important accessories. Generally, the sealing ring is equipped on the dispensing device to make it have good dispensing effect, and also has good sealing performance to avoid glue overflow. The sealing ring is a very important accessory for the precise dispensing valve. Whether the effect of the dispensing valve is good or not is the main one To see the axis and seal ring, sealing effect is good, can avoid glue leakage, axis is can see how much viscosity to use.
  The precise dispensing valve will install a sealing ring between the rubber cylinder and the cylinder to prevent the glue from entering into the cylinder, resulting in the failure of cleaning, curing of the rubber outlet pipe, and the failure of the dispensing valve to work, which belongs to direct damage. The sealing ring accessories are very important. Do not buy them at random in the market. The best way is to buy them from the original factory. This is the most suitable sealing ring. The time for replacing the sealing ring is the dispensing valve There is a leakage hole, glue can be more sealing ring, very intuitive operation.
  Now for the precise dispensing valve accessories do you have a certain understanding? If you have different aspects of dispensing accessories, you can choose to consult the manufacturer who purchased the dispensing valve. What type of dispensing valve accessories are needed to meet the production needs. According to the requirements of the core manufacturers, configure appropriate accessories, which is also very helpful for production
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