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The causes of bubbles in the carbon steel pressure barrel ar

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Carbon steel pressure barrel is the role of storing glue and storage pressure, both of which are the more important things for dispensing machine, without glue and pressure dispensing machine cannot operate, dispensing operation is not, you need these things to maintain the daily operation of the dispensing machine, steel pressure barrel is not able to have any problem otherwise, will not affect the dispensing machine daily production task.
Glue need to use the pressure of extrusion, and then glue along the hose down into the dispensing valve, the pressure is not only need to store the barrel, glue, also need to supply pressure, importance of carbon steel pressure barrel, the bubble problem, that pressure barrel leakage problems, the need for timely check.
There are two reasons for bubble problem. The first is the phenomenon of bubbles in the glue when storing glue, and the second one is the leakage of gas inlet. The two are the main problems, and the other is the operation problem. Failure to install the cover of the pressure drum as required will lead to problems. In doing these works, we need to work carefully.
The reason is that these lead to bubbles, can make one investigation according to these problems, one by one to eliminate the problem, find the problem, so it is convenient to solve the bubble steel pressure barrels, according to these methods can be completely solved, which still exist inside the bubble glue is required for high-speed stirring to glue separation.
The cause of bubble in carbon steel pressure drum is a common problem. If it happens, it will cause such a problem. Therefore, it is the same when operating dispensing machine. It needs careful operation.
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