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Hengli stainless steel automatic pressure barrel

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  We have production of stainless steel pressure barrel, which is located in Hengli, Dongguan. There are various types of pressure barrel. We also support customized drawing. If you have the demand in this respect, you can meet the requirements of your company. The size and type are OK! Our company has the technology of producing various types of pressure barrel, which can meet your core needs. The glue conveying effect is also very good. Welcome to Hengli stainless steel pressure barrel manufacturer!
  Stainless steel automatic pressure barrel type:
  2600ml silica gel pressure barrel, automatic mixing pressure barrel, pneumatic mixing pressure barrel, piston pressure barrel, non-standard customized stainless steel pressure barrel, non-standard customized piston pressure barrel, electric mixing pressure barrel (electric type), pneumatic pressure barrel, etc,
  There are many types, and the specifications can be customized. You can manufacture according to the manufacturer's intention. If you choose a manufacturer, you can guarantee the product quality. The quality of our production is completely made according to the core requirements of the manufacturer, and there is after-sales guarantee. We have quality, type and technology!
  Hengli is one of the towns in Dongguan. Our company has been here for many years. We have also mastered the production of stainless steel automatic pressure barrel. The material used is also authentic 304 material. If you have the demand in this respect, you can come to our factory directly. Our products are often sold to Southeast Asia with large quantity and low price.
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