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How does the yellow gum with high viscosity point? Suitable

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Although the speed of yellow glue hardening is very slow, and it will not be in the dispensing valve or hose, and the solidification will also be on the dispensing needle. As long as the dispensing needle is replaced, the problem of yellow glue dispensing can be solved only by solving the problem of glue viscosity. However, the selection of dispensing valve is very important, and several matching yellow glue dispensing valves are recommended.

  3131 dispensing valve

  This is a conventional dispensing valve, in line with medium and high viscosity glue. Due to the use of cylindrical core pulling, it can withstand strong pressure, which is helpful for pushing glue. The yellow glue dispensing effect is also great! This is a better yellow glue valve, yellow glue dispensing recommended to use 3131 dispensing valve Oh!

  Plunger type dispensing valve

  This dispensing valve is similar to 3131 dispensing valve. It also uses cylindrical axis and has a close internal structure. It also has a good effect for high viscosity glue dispensing. These are the two commonly used dispensing valves in our company. They are used in yellow glue dispensing without worrying about glue drawing or leakage. Both 3131 dispensing valve and plunger type dispensing valve have suction effect, which directly solves the problem of yellow glue dispensing Questions.
  At present, single liquid glue is used in yellow glue dispensing valve, and these two types can be used basically. The price of 3131 dispensing valve is 280 yuan, and that of plunger type dispensing valve is 168-380 yuan. Depending on your dispensing width, you can choose D25 with high precision. If you need to browse the large one, you can choose d30. The price difference is not very big. There are many types of yellow glue dispensing valve There are many types of experience and recommendation.
  If you need yellow glue dispensing valve, we recommend 3131 dispensing valve and plunger type dispensing valve. If you have requirements, please contact us! Hotline: 13662812001!
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