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UV glue curing lamp produced by Dongguan Tangxia factory

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  The use of UV glue must be equipped with a device called UV glue curing lamp, which is called UV lamp, which can emit ultraviolet light. Since UV glue will solidify rapidly after being irradiated by UV lamp, this is one of the core reasons why it is called UV glue curing lamp. How to use it on the glue dispensing device? In fact, it's very simple to make a suitable size and hang it on the mechanical arm!
  There are two supporting shafts in the dispenser of desktop type machine, which can be screwed and fixed at the mechanical arm. This is relatively simple. The working platform dispensing glue, and then move to the fixed position to illuminate the curing lamp. After the glue is solidified, it can be taken out immediately. It is a relatively convenient way, which does not need to be carried out twice, and can also improve the production efficiency ! There are also batches, but UV glue still needs curing lamp irradiation, the solidification effect is stable, otherwise the solidification effect will be very slow, which is not conducive to the production effect!
  UV glue dispensing valve and UV dispensing syringe can be used for shadowless glue application. Both of them need to be opaque to avoid the promotion of UV glue solidifying in the needle. However, it is not transparent to observe the amount of glue. You can see the effect of glue application according to the glue output. When applied to shadowless glue coating, the dispensing syringe is more used, and the effect of UV glue dispensing valve is the same. In fact, the storage of glue is not In the same way, rarely use large cans of glue, the use of dispensing valve is quite small.
  There are two types of UV glue curing lamp at present. The first one is the same as the lamp tube, rectangular and one by one, and the second one is mainly used in some irregular products. There are many industries where UV glue is applied, and the specifications can not be arranged horizontally. Therefore, the second method should be used for curing, and the effect is quite good Oh!

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