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Detailed debugging of dispensing screw valve

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Screw valve is a high-precision dispensing valve, without professional teaching, it is difficult to understand, there are many functions may not be used, think this is just a simple dispensing valve, today do a dispensing screw valve debugging article, the content is detailed and orderly, manufacturers also come to understand it, screw valve role and effect.

  Structure of dispensing screw valve

  The structure can be divided into three parts: the first is the dispensing controller, the second is the screw device, and the third is the motor. The debugging is mainly completed from the dispensing controller. This is not an ordinary controller, and it is exclusive to the dispensing screw valve. It is more complex to use. There are many parameters to be designed, such as: speed, suction ratio, air pressure control, glue output, etc., which are controlled and adjusted There is a controller, is unable to use dispensing screw valve dispensing, the importance of the controller is self-evident.

  Debugging steps of dispensing screw valve

  1. The screw valve is connected with a 24 V converter to control the current module, which is convenient for command control.
  2. Check whether it is a two-component glue. If you need to know the glue mixing ratio, you can directly input the glue proportion range on the dispensing parameter table to ensure the glue output of glue a and glue B.
  3. Observe the viscosity of the glue and start to adjust the input air pressure. The viscosity is about 10000. Adjust the air pressure to 0.5MPa. After dispensing, slowly adjust the air pressure. The air pressure affects the glue flow.
  4. Adjust the motor speed on the screw to further control the accuracy of glue flow.
  5. The suction ratio should be controlled in case of glue leakage. The motor should be operated clockwise to release glue and anticlockwise to return glue. The glue return should not be too deep to avoid no glue in the initial dispensing.
  Dispensing screw debugging needs to know a lot of things, dispensing screw valve price is expensive also has a reason! I sell the dispensing screw valve is also an agent, if you have this demand, welcome to call the service hotline: 13662812001
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