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Points needing attention for epoxy resin mixing

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Epoxy resins are commonly used glue. They are mainly used in batteries and coils. Other industrial products are also used. It is a popular type of glue. However, the use of two-component glue is more difficult, and one feature of epoxy resins is that it has bubbles, which easily affect the quality of the glue. Bubbles can cause uneven glue and bring it to daily use.There are several problems to be noticed in epoxy resin mixing to avoid uneven glue mixing or air bubbles.
  Epoxy resin glue mixing needs to use two-component dispensing valves, stainless steel pressure barrels, metering pumps and vacuum pumps, stainless steel pressure barrels are used to store epoxy resin glue, metering pumps are used to measure the amount of glue A and B glue out, whether or not the ratio of glue filling conforms, vacuum pumps are used to drain the internal bubbles of glue, to avoid excessive bubbles of glue A, double-component dispensing valves are used to mix glue A and BAdhesive mixing, the whole epoxy resin mixing is such a process, each of the accessories will play a related role.

  Points to Note for Mixing

  1. The glue is not completely mixed and cannot be glued.
  2. To know what the proportion of glue-water mixing is, select the device according to the requirements of the mixing proportion.
  3. The glue will dry in all the time after mixing.
  4. After glue mixing, it needs to be cleaned automatically before going off work.
  5. An electric mixing two-component dispensing valve is required when the ratio of mixed glue exceeds 3:1.
  The mixing effect of epoxy resin glue must be done well, or it will directly affect the glue filling effect. The stainless steel pressure barrel can be used with conventional pressure barrel, the double component dispensing valve with aluminum alloy, plus the mixing device, can speed up the glue mixing, and then transport to the mixing pipe, further mixing, the effect will be very obvious!
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