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Flat tip of dispensing machine

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  Flat tip needle is a specific type of needle with small quantity and high price. It is a customized needle. In order to meet the coating demand of dispensing demand, flat tip needle is gradually used in the market. Gradually, its application range is gradually extensive, and its effect has been recognized by the manufacturer. If you have such demand, please contact us!
  The flat tip needle is actually processed from the plastic steel dispensing needle. A process is added, that is, flattening. Pressing the front rubber outlet can make the effect better, and there will be a more convenient long port. In this way, the glue output can be well controlled. In order to facilitate the gluing, it should be lower than the original height, larger width and better coating. According to the core of our company Can make flat tip dispensing needle, of course, its price will be more expensive than ordinary plastic needle!
  There are not many flat tip specifications, only 7 types, 14g, 15g, 16g, 18G, 20g, 22G, 25g. There are relatively few types. Because they are not conventional needles, the manufacturers prefer to use them in front of them. The types are not completely finished. The styles with more customer demands will be made, and the others are relatively few,
  The specifications will vary according to the type and size. You can measure the width of glue application and select the appropriate flat tip needle. The needle used by the dispensing machine will be determined according to the situation. The hand-held dispenser can choose the specifications with little difference, but the automatic dispenser will choose the needle with a difference of about two times, because the automatic dispensing machine will have a larger glue output and a smaller labor force The size of the automatic machine can be controlled, which is more convenient. If the manual machine wants to apply glue faster, it is better to choose the right one. If the automatic dispenser chooses the same size, it will overflow. These machines are determined by the type.
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