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Ceramic dispensing valve leakage

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Type dispensing valve has many different types of valves, each valve is not the same function, these functions are used in the dispensing environment can be reflected, dispensing valve production type is also very much, the ceramic dispensing valve is one of the valves used in large chemical industry, a valve is more important the.
To choose the correct valve dispenser for dispensing is half done, because the dispensing valve is to control the glue is the most important place, out of glue and suck back glue and it has a great relationship, so the rubber valve selection is very important, choose the dispensing valve also need to learn to work environment, such as ceramic dispensing valve only suitable for chemical industry, are used in the electronics industry, is undoubtedly a play ceramic dispensing valve function.
No matter what the dispensing valve, even ceramic dispensing valve leak adhesive, which is a common problem of the dispensing valve, so when using the dispensing valve is the need to pay attention to the valve, or will lead to the loss of exchange, of course through a carefully crafted valve can not easily appear problem, but just in case.
In the use of ceramic valves, the best operation method can recognize the church operation dispensing valve, the valve to reduce the probability of the problem, the general problems are the reasons, there are two situations that affect to the rubber valve leakage, the first is dispensing needles and the formation pressure back pressure state, causing leakage of glue, second glue collecting pressure insufficient suction glue is not stable, resulting in leakage problem.
These problems are due to not enough skilled operation will lead to such problems, the first one can replace the needle can be solved, second is to increase the pressure can be solved, these problems are some small problems, as long as it is familiar with the operation of people, basically do not appear such problems.
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