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Is the raw material for ceramic dispensing valves alumina ce

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Because the traditional dispensing valve is made of aluminum and other metal alloys, it is easy to wear during dispensing, so that it can not repeat the dispensing for a long time. So this kind of glue valve can not be qualified for a long time production line. Therefore, it is necessary to use a kind of better wear-resistant material to carry out the precision dispensing work.
Therefore, ceramic materials with high hardness are selected by research and development personnel. However, ordinary ceramics cannot be directly used as materials for dispensing valves because of its fragile characteristics. Therefore, we need a special ceramic material for manufacturing. However, the variety of ceramic materials is very much, and can alumina ceramics be used as a material for ceramic dispensing valves?
The alumina ceramics we usually use are also called the return suction precision dispensing valves. The materials made mainly consist of alumina. Alumina is a solid white object. It has no special taste and no bad smell. It has strong absorbency in general and has high hardness and melting point. The ceramic dispensing valve made of this material has strong hardness and good wear resistance because of its properties. It makes its hardness far beyond the stainless steel dispensing valve. Under the wear resistance test, its wear resistance is much higher than that of most steels. A wear-resistant super dispensing material has a service life of ten times that of the general dispensing valve. But it's half as much lighter than steel. This greatly reduces the load of the glue dispenser.
Therefore, the alumina ceramics can be used as the adhesive material for the ceramic dispensing valve to make the parts of the glue.
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