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What factors affect the price of the pin barrel

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Dispensing syringe dispensing machine is one of the important parts, for the storage of glue when needed through the piston driven rubber, the use of a wide range and powerful, dispensing syringe usually and dispensing machine supporting sales, at present the dispensing value rising, so the dispensing syringe sales have certain promotion. There are many factors that affect the price of the dispensing syringe, here we analyze.
The material occupies a part of the reason, in order not to affect the dispensing work fluency and coherence, dispensing syringe will usually choose safe and durable, dispensing syringe made of stainless steel with good sales in the market, stainless steel safety dispensing syringe is very high, simple operation and convenient use, to ensure the best dispensing work the seal, so the dispensing syringe and general dispensing syringe compared to higher prices.
Practicality is also an important index for judging the price of dispensing syringe. Generally, the dispensing syringe with wide applicability will be welcomed by users. The general dispensing syringe can be applied to more common glue, if dispensing with special glue, it may not be satisfied. Cannot use this kind of adhesive dispensing syringe for dispensing, if you use this kind of glue dispensing syringe storage, rapid curing will encounter in ultraviolet light, directly affects the normal work of the dispensing effect, through the use of UV dispensing needle tube can be applied to the use of UV glue dispensing, but the price is more than the usual dispensing needle is slightly high, most of the UV are in need of special customized dispensing syringe.
The factors that influence the price of dispensing syringe include material and practicability. There are also potential factors of structure affecting price. The cost of storing syringe needle is higher.
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