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Application scope and advantages of piston pin barrel

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The piston dispensing syringe plays a very important role in the dispensing work, mainly to the high quality glue dispensing work to drive through the air pressure dispensing needle for accurate positioning, most will choose the piston dispensing equipment dispensing syringe for dispensing a variety of work, including the advantages of piston dispensing syringe and its application scope is very broad, it is general introduction.
The piston dispensing syringe are the advantages of simple operation, convenient use and low cost, without too much preparation work to start the normal dispensing, low requirements for operators to use simple, easy to use, only the stroke of the piston can be driven to complete the work of glue dispensing. The only disadvantage of the piston dispensing syringe is the strong dependence on the gas source. If the air supply of the dispenser is unstable, it will easily lead to the intermittent discontinuity of the dispensing, which directly affects the docking effect of the finished products.
Because the piston dispensing syringe has such working characteristics, it is mainly applied to the dispensing part of the object, for example, the LED lamp and the base plate glue gluing work can be dispensed with the piston dispensing syringe. The piston dispensing syringe is mainly used for mass dispensing. The amount of glue stored in one way is very large, which can reduce the frequency of glue replacement, directly improve the consistency of dispensing work, and make the gel clean and uniform. With a unique glue transportation pipeline, it is more convenient to manage the glue dispensing equipment.
According to the custom of piston dispensing syringe and the actual needs, for example by UV, UV light can meet rapidly solidified, dispensing syringe is generally unable to use the adhesive dispensing, dispensing syringe piston made of external black and amber can effectively prevent the occurrence of UV curing in dispensing work.
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