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How do the pistons work

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The piston dispensing syringe needle is working for most glue machine, glue machine configuration of this accessories can help the user to perform various bonding or packaging work, enhance the value of the dispenser to help users a quick profit, first contact dispensing industry users may not be familiar with how to use the dispensing needle, through can help users understand some common sense understand the working principle of dispensing syringes.
The source is to provide the piston dispensing syringe uniform important factors of glue, glue extrusion through air pressure piston, which can ensure the normal supply of glue dispensing, should pay attention to the operation of gas supply problem good personnel dispensing process, if the pressure is too easy to cause the glue dispensing Gao Rong too much, even glue overflow defective items, if the pressure is too low to affect the glue dispensing quantity normal, by docking result or the glue point intermittent situation, according to the characteristics of the working environment and the glue dispensing system set up stable working pressure.
The dispensing needle used in two ways, the piston dispensing syringe can be mounted on the dispensing machine, also equipped with the piston dispensing syringe some manual dispensing machine, manual press piston driven glue point to only a convenient, complete dispensing work will remember the internal residual glue removed kept separate, then removed the residual plastic needle cylinder, to avoid affecting again dispensing work.
The piston dispensing syringe is mainly applied to surface dispensing. Whether it is bonding or packaging, it may need to be applied to dispensing technology, so the dispenser needles matching in the industrial production will have a very wide application space.
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