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What is the precise syringe

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Dispensing machine specially used in bonding work of various demands, has an important position in the work of the production of SMT, which can achieve high quality glue dispensing work except because equipped with high precision dispensing valve is equipped with a precision dispensing needle, precision dispensing syringe is an important accessory point glue machine necessary, some users may have a question, what is the dispensing syringe.
Dispensing syringe can be stored in the glue dispensing machine in case there is a need for the air pressure piston, piston and then push the glue dispensing function of flow, so the accurate alignment of dispensing, dispensing syringe to rely largely on the source, if the air pressure is too easily lead to the excessive amount of glue or glue overflow the direct cause of the increase, dispensing bad product, if the gas supply pressure is too low and easy to cause the dispensing path and problems, directly affect the effect of the finished product docking, in order to make the dispensing needle with high precision dispensing, so the operator should work to clear parameters in debugging link source.
In the field of electronic component production, all kinds of automation and high-precision production equipment are needed, so the demand for dispensing equipment is relatively high. Here we can see the importance of precision dispensing syringe. Precision dispensing needle can store a large amount of glue, glue to add reduced frequency, to ensure a stable supply of high demand for glue dispensing, dispensing the stability and consistency of guarantee, have a more stable source, air supply, alleviate the frequency leakage problems in the work of glue.
In order to ensure the normal service life of the syringes, a high strength stainless steel precision pin can be used.
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