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How to control the consistency of two dispensing valves

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Want to control two valves of different types, you need to understand clearly what is this valve, so you can clearly understand the two kinds of dispensing valve flow rate and the quantity of cement, so as to adjust the gap between the two, the amount of glue dispensing valve control is relatively easy, but also need to have a the premise is the need to use the same dispensing valve operation mode.
For example, semi automatic dispensing and manual dispensing valve valve AB, two are the same belong to the semi automatic dispensing control mode, this glue is relatively easy, because between the two valve flow rate is almost the same, as long as the adjustment of dispensing speed can, and manual operation, adjust more easily, so the dispensing valve is required between the parameter is similar, it is easier to control glue glue.
The use of automatic dispensing valve and automatic dispensing machine is relatively good, why, because the current technology is developed, automatic dispensing valve speed can be adjusted according to the speed you want, so long as the speed can be adjusted to the same semi automatic dispensing and manual dispensing with the valve, but there is a difference between the dispensing machine because, not always with the manual dispensing uniform dispensing, dispensing glue volume so there are still some differences.
The best way of manual and automatic manual to automatic, two dispensing valve parameters are able to control, between the two is not error, control the two volume of the plastic dispensing valve, is very easy, semi automatic dispensing can be adjusted according to the human mind, can be automated the adjustment according to the mechanical parameters, a consistent method for glue volume control two dispensing valve there are still many.
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