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How to select high precision glue needles according to the s

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China's manufacturing industry in recent years as the market demand is in a high level of development, dispensing machine is a specially used in bonding or packaging equipment, plays a very important role in manufacturing, so most industries will be applied to the dispensing machine is the production of auxiliary equipment, dispensing needle dispenser accessories is as important as, if dispensing needles can not properly use easy to affect the normal work quality, so the high precision dispensing needle selection requirements should pay special attention to the.
The quality of the glue is related to the dispensing valve. Of course, the needles of the glue also occupy some factors. The selection of the needles will determine the quantity of glue and the quality of the glue point. According to the actual demand for precision dispensing needle selection is very important, universal stainless steel needles is very wide, most suitable for dispensing machine of stainless steel, is the first choice of needle dispensing work performed, long-term use will not be affected by many factors such as corrosion and dispensing consistency, good product dispensing rate to ensure product.
There is a connection between screw and bayonet dispensing needle needle, stable firmly fixed in the dispensing needle, the dispensing function more effectively implement stable dispensing work, ensure the quality and consistency of the dispensing work, dispensing effect applied to high precision production line with the best, through micro dispensing effectively ensure the object can normal and docking, will not affect the product use effect, dispensing needles belongs to high availability.
At present, the dispensing accessories are improving with the continuous improvement of dispensing technology. There are different dispensing work accessories for users to choose from. Only by learning to select glue dispensing parts, can we complete the demand dispensing work better.
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