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Schematic diagram of pneumatic injection valve

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In the manufacture of dispensing valve, the drawing of production design is very important, so we must know the principle of the dispensing valve made by ourselves. But now there are many kinds of dispensing valve, mainly divided into two kinds of pneumatic and electric valves, now still use the most pneumatic rubber valve, and with the use of techniques in jet dispensing valve, pneumatic jet dispensing valve the valve also began to use in large scale dispensing operations. So what is the principle of this kind of dispensing valve?
Now we use the pneumatic injection dispensing valve, because the technology of jet can accelerate the speed of dispensing glue and achieve the dispensing of large glue quantity, so it is also known as the large flow pneumatic point glue valve. This dispensing valve is mainly for products that have higher requirements for dispensing precision. Therefore, it uses the form of dispensing with air pressure to do dispensing operations.
Its internal structure is composed of three parts, that is, acting as a dispensing valve power cylinder, a glue dispensing valve and a cylinder body carrying glue, from upper to the next connection. In order to avoid the phenomenon of rubber erosion, the cylinder and the valve should be closely sealed between them. They also have to maintain a certain concentric rate, so that the gas moving point glue valve can be normally controlled by glue.
The injection technology of pneumatic injection valve is a more advanced glue technology on the modern glue dispenser. It is very different from traditional dispensing needles. It is not only characterized by fast dispensing speed, but also has many advantages such as high dispensing quality, low cost of dispensing, and low maintenance cost. This also makes it able to carry out quick glue operation on the assembly line and make large batch of glue.
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