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Is the fastest jetting valve a high speed jetting valve

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High speed dispensing dispensing valve is required, dispensing machine each want to control the way is to use the glue dispensing valve, dispensing with dispensing and storing glue and glue suction function, the basic functions are realized and dispensing machine through the dispensing valve problems, problems will directly affect the dispensing the quality of dispensing speed will be the same.
The dispensing valve on the market now is the fastest high speed jet dispensing valve, this valve belongs to the new product, contact with the valve is not the same, because of the way the glue injection valve is ejected, do not need access to the products will be able to complete the task with dispensing, so the dispensing process is very good, high speed the highest speed jet dispenser can reach 500 times per second, there is no a dispensing valve has such a speed.
Application of high speed jet dispensing valve is very wide, now popular industry and non hot industry is the use of high-speed jet valve, because the performance of this dispensing valve is good, glue for the control precision is very high, can also reduce the glue problems, such as drawing, leakage and leak and so on, these all the problems can be eliminated, so a lot of use for high precision dispensing industries are converted into the dispensing valve.
Select the dispensing valve certainly choose good equipment for the enterprise, the market has a lot of different dispensing valve, the valve can bring different effect of dispensing different, but the speed is only constant, all industries need high speed, so as to ensure the interests of enterprises, the effect of dispensing dispensing valve has no other high speed jet dispensing valve is good, this is a lot of experimental proof.
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