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Are there many kinds of dispensing valves on the market at p

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The development time of dispensing valve has a relatively long time, type of dispensing valve developed is much more, at least there are dozens of different valves, AB double liquid dispensing valve, a valve, a micrometer thimble interactive dispensing dispensing valve, anaerobic dispensing valve and so on, we can see that type of dispensing valve there are still a lot of the market, need to use the dispensing valve industry is also very much, the dispensing valve is in order to cater to these industries to be developed.
The dispensing valve on the market from the beginning of a development to dozens of now, has spread across the entire domestic industry, in addition to the automatic dispensing valve, as well as the manual dispensing valve, these valves can be installed on different dispensing machine, let the dispenser play more function, make glue effect is further improved, gradually the development of what it is today, the market will be more and more dispensing valve.
The new high speed jet dispensing valve is recently developed, this valve can be regarded as a milepost dispensing valve, change the traditional mode of dispensing, dispensing mode before the contact dispensing, and application of high speed jet dispensing valve, not only speed up the dispensing rate of production, but also do not need to be sent to detect the effect of dispensing, can reduce labor costs.
Type of dispensing valve, there is a certain relationship with glue and manufacturing materials, liquid dispensing valve function is to control the glue glue, but have different characteristics, such as: glue dispensing valve, need not to be able to light, otherwise can not be used, creeping glue, need to use the heating material, or will be melted, these are the need to consider the problems of type dispensing valve is because it has so many styles.
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