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How to solve the bubble in the precision dispensing valve

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With the intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer and other LED lamps, the popular electronic products continue to high integration, high precision, strong stability, convenient carrying and the direction of development, the dispensing process is manual dispensing and manual dispensing dispensing, dispensing sales not only in quality, complexity and dispensing dispensing the relative equipment has a huge gap, need a process for the production of the dispensing process can achieve high precision, high intelligence, high speed, has become a new direction of domestic dispenser equipment manufacturers R & D.
When there are faults in precision equipment, dispensing machine is unavoidable, precision dispensing valve as the dispenser of the important parts, the role is self-evident. But in the dispensing operation, precision dispensing valve often because of improper operation or some defect dispensing valve itself, often lead to some problems, such as: precision dispensing valve has air bubbles, so in the application of high speed jet dispensing valve, if there is bubbles in the glue valve phenomenon how to solve it?
This situation is generally because the flow rate is too slow to glue, glue flow rate is too slow to change from 1/4 to 3/8. The pipeline pressure is too strong glue plus the dispensing valve valve opening time is too short will put air into glue. The solution to this problem is to reduce the pressure inside or glue using a conical inclined needle.
Therefore, from above, we can know that if there are bubbles in the precise dispensing valve, it is due to various factors, so long as we follow the above solutions, we can get a good solution.
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