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Is the principle of the return suction dispensing valve comp

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The dispensing value reflected from can work efficiency and the effect of dispensing, dispensing equipment so the more high performance of related accessories demand is high, back to the suction dispensing valve is most dispensing valves are equipped with support work, mainly used to control the flowing speed of glue, if the need for large flow will only need glue dispensing you can open the valve to stop dispensing, dispensing only need to close the back suction dispensing valve, suction dispensing valve with automatic back suction function is the most characteristic, back to the suction dispensing valve principle and external structure, easy to understand.
Back to the suction dispensing valve uses a pneumatic cylinder with glue flow, normal supply pressure to achieve two-way dispensing through glue, pressure and provide a strong guarantee of the dispensing work continuity and stability, if there is a drawing or glue glue leakage problem adjusted by spring force mode, so that the pressure of the fluid to return to suction work, effectively ensure the glue clean and flawless, avoid the influence of the appearance of dispensing objects.
Back to the suction fluid dispensing valve dispensing support very much, whether it is epoxy resin or adhesive hot melt adhesive and other special glue used for support, and pressure drums of different specifications of the connection, the Aluminum Alloy anodized after manufacturing, greatly enhance the working performance and service life, is a very practical high dispensing accessories.
On the market, most manufacturers demand the return suction dispensing valve very high. Because this dispensing valve has solved the problem of glue drawing and glue leakage for a long time, so the price of return suction dispensing valve is higher than that of other kinds of dispensing valves.
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