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Specifications and uses of common pinhead needles

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Dispensing needle is an important accessory responsible for dispensing work, dispensing work can perform different needs through high precision dispensing needles, either uniform or irregular dispensing path can fill the slit and put into use in recent years, expanding the market demand driven dispensing industry related accessories sales, with needles targeted function is also industry needs to continue to expand the emergence of a product, then the dispensing needle size and use of common and most people know?
Most dispensing needles specifications in 14G-34G, value the greater the volume of the plastic needles more sophisticated, the implementation of industry dispensing work mainly adopts the stainless steel needles, stainless steel needles is widely used, can perform glue can work in work with seam filling, suitable for all kinds of high viscosity glue dispensing industry. This is the main demand for needle of high quality and high hardness of needles, can help the needs of users to complete a variety of high demand dispensing work, do not affect the dispensing accuracy of long-term.
Some manufacturing industries may need to apply for special glue, such as instant glue and adhesive etc., this kind of special glue is not suitable for ordinary dispensing needles, because of its own characteristics easily and quickly in the dispensing process caused by curing, difficult leakage problems of glue dispensing, if need to use UV glue dispensing needles Amber the dispensing process can effectively prevent UV curing quickly.
If you want to use instant glue dispensing use teflon dispensing needle, Teflon dispensing needle is mainly applied to the low viscosity glue dispensing, special material of Teflon can effectively prevent the instant glue dispensing process in rapid curing, is a dispensing needle head very high practicability.
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