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Does the return point glue valve need a vacuum in the dispen

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Does the return point glue valve need a vacuum? Is needed, because of the use of this principle can be quickly and glue suction effect is also very good, so the dispensing valve requires the use of vacuum, in fact the market has a lot of different valves, as long as the valve is better used to choose which valves, these are selected based on the solid particle sizing effect, good the industry needs to use good suction valve for dispensing, also has a guaranteed quality.
The principle of vacuum suction used more in the dispensing valve market, in the application of high speed jet dispensing valve is relatively good, can help quickly suck back glue dispensing valve, prevent the wire drawing, there are relatively low external pressure to prevent leakage of adhesive glue, every two, the dispensing industry is a good research, especially in high precision industry, especially the effect will be obvious.
Vacuum environment is an important environment for suction dispensing valve, in order to prevent the suction valve leakage problem, need to do special protective measures, making materials and manufacturing process requirements are strict, also needs to prevent the corrosion of glue materials, lead sealing problems, need to do a regular inspection and cleaning back suction dispensing valve, otherwise it is easy to damage occurs.
Suction dispensing valve also known as vacuum suction valves, which indicates that the vacuum environment is very important, for example: high speed jet suction valve valve, if there is no vacuum environment, the effect of dispensing and speed will decrease, and even lead to dispensing machine is not working properly, the dispensing valve is a very important point in rubber parts in the absence of any machine, will directly affect the effect of dispensing.
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