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On the problem of cleaning the residual gum from the needlin

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During the dispensing process, due to the stickiness of glue, after every glue finish, it will lead to some residual glue left on the dispensing needle and the cleaning problem of dispensing needles. So how to solve these common problems in daily dispensing needles?
First, after the completion of the dispensing operation, it is cleaned immediately. It needs to be soaked with the corresponding glue melting agent. Then it can be blown by air, then it can be first blown by air, then then it is then cleaned by solvent and then blown, and it is clean at last.
Two. When the glue has been solidified, the needle is put in the melt agent for 5-10 minutes, then the gas can be blown clean, and it can be cleaned up by 2-3 times.
If the needle is not expensive, it is recommended to use a disposable needle to clean the needle, especially the small needles.
1, the cleaning process of the traditional glue dispenser, most of which use chemical solvents such as dichloromethane, DMF and other volatile solvents to stop the mixed cleaning. The cleaning method has the advantages of thorough cleaning and low cost. However, due to the volatilization, toxicity and non recyclability of chemicals, the solvent cleaning method will be more and more limited based on the restriction of environmental factors.
2, the use of recyclable environmental protection solvent cleaning. This method has the characteristics that the solvent can be recycled and can be used many times and the cleaning effect is good. But the cost is very high, and the independent circulation system and equipment must be used together. The cost of the equipment and the purchase price of the solvent are very high, and many users are unable to bear such a high cost of cleaning.
3, high pressure water cleaning. This method has the characteristics of innocuity and low cost. But there is a general situation of inadequate cleaning in the industry.
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