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How to solve the problem of blocking needles?

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The dispensing needle is dispensing supplies dispensing equipment must be used in the dispensing operation, why be supplies, because in the dispensing operation, many needles are disposable. Therefore in the dispensing operation dispensing needle clogging phenomenon is very normal, but also through a lot of the right way to avoid or reduce this problem. There are many needles to avoid dispensing needle clogging, then I will tell you to simply introduce?
1 reasons, dispensing needles clogging: mainly with glue dispensing operation type and whether the correct operation of a great relationship, the viscosity of the glue used is too low, it is not easy to cure, it is not easy to produce needle clogging. Vice versa, the viscosity of the glue, glue water is more likely to have a cure the dispensing needle, also easy to cause the clogging problem. The solution is to improve the use of glue temperature, can be very good to avoid such problems. For example: hot melt glue dispenser using stainless steel needles, heating can melt the glue, so as long as the heater temperature is increased to a certain time, will not have the problem of needle clogging.
2, in the operation of dispensing glue volume is often an important cause of uneven needle clogging, the solution is to maintain continuity of dispensing is also a very good way to avoid the needle clogging, such as quick drying glue dispensing machine in the dispensing operation, for curing at room temperature quick drying glue speed is very fast, if the interruption in the dispensing, is very easy to cause the needle clogging, so persistent should keep dispensing.
Finally, when the dispenser stops using, the glue in the dispensing machine must be removed and preserved. Cleaning is also a good way to avoid clogging of dispensing needles.
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