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Cause of leakage of double component glue valve in the proce

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The dispensing valve is an important working parts dispensing machine, mainly used to control the flowing speed of glue, if you need to use special glue dispensing is needed for dispensing valve of the two-component glue, for example, the two-component glue according to the proportion to achieve the best bonding strength, so to accurately control the a two-component dispensing valve can, two-component dispensing valve leakage may occur in the normal work, so how to find and solve the two-component dispensing valve leakage reasons?
First determine two-component dispensing valve seal is required, a two-component dispensing valve after long-term use easy to cause some problems, if the trachea connection dispensing valve is not fully connected prone to leakage in the air supply process, the effect of poor supply pressure can easily lead to a two-component glue dispensing effect is not stable, to seal, check the equipment in the preparation work if, of course to perform a two-component fluid dispensing valve cleaning work regularly, it is to extend their normal life.
The leakage of two component dispensing valve may also be a problem of the gas pipeline. The gas pipeline is the main driving force of the glue. The low quality gas pipeline may burst and leak in the long run, so it is best to choose a high quality and high life pipeline.
If the demand for the glue is not high, the pressure can be reduced to reduce the effect on the double component glue valve. The two component dispensing valve has the function of automatic suction. If the intensity of the suction is adjusted too high, it will affect the normal use of the two component dispensing valve. The problem of air leakage may also be caused by the excessive suction.
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