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It is correct how the precision dispensing valve is used

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Dispensing valve is a variety of devices have a high performance dispensing important parts, precision dispensing valve has the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation, so how to use the dispensing valve? Precision dispensing valve is mainly used to control the flowing speed of glue, the more demanding requirements of production line point glue technology will be more and more high, precision dispensing valve equipped with a very big help to enhance the value of the dispensing, of course in the use of the operating personnel should be clear in order to enhance the production capacity.
Most dispensing valve has a trimming function, only need to adjust the dispensing valve on the knob can adjust, installation to the trachea and dispensing valve completely connected together, and to tighten connection of trachea and dispensing valve leakage problems to avoid dispensing valve during normal operation.
Another interface dispensing valve is mainly used for conveying glue dispensing, in order to avoid the effects of glue caused by plastic barrels to check whether connection hose and glue storage problems, if you can not ensure complete sealing easily for dispensing with bubbles into the glue dispensing valve, directly affects the quality of dispensing.
In order to avoid the leakage problem of the precise dispensing valve, it is better to check the size of the dispensing valve nozzle during the commissioning process. If the nozzle port is too small, it will cause the leakage of the rubber valve directly, which will directly affect the appearance of the dispensing product.
The dispensing valve on the market there are many, mainly divided into the back suction dispensing valve and lift dispensing valve, precision dispensing valve shape exquisitely, and support many kinds of glue storage barrel is connected with the use of pressure, greatly improve the efficiency and quality of dispensing dispensing, ensure the long time stable point glue, the specific choice should be considered the needs of users.
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