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Precision dispensing valve is beneficial to improve product

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In our country manufacturing industry in recent years tend to be of high quality and efficient production mode, the impact of this trend under various types of production equipment will be oriented to develop to a high intelligent direction, precision dispensing valve accessories as an important work of dispensing equipment, can greatly enhance the dispensing work value, equipped with a high performance precision the dispensing valve to improve the quality of products.
Dispensing valve with contact is non-contact, non-contact dispensing valve of the high cost of application is broad, the jet dispensing valve can spray glue, glue area more uniform, the glue conversion rate is higher and more comprehensive, suitable for large-area glue coating work,. In high demand production line, the demand for jet precision dispensing valve is high.
Dispensing valve contact cost is lower and the scope is very broad, non-contact dispensing valve structure is simple and practical and durable, suitable for a variety of dispensing contact dispensing valve reflects its strong compatibility, through the precise control of the implementation of glue dispensing source adopts anodizing made of stainless steel precision the dispensing valve has a longer life and more efficient dispensing effect, with vacuum suction function, can instantly suck back surplus glue, to ensure the appearance and effect of dispensing dispensing objects.
Dispensing valve dispensing accessories as an important work in the direction of development, according to the market demand continues to expand, the market has a variety of precision for the dispensing valve, such as for special precision dispensing valve, anaerobic adhesive on instant dry Teflon glue dispensing valve, in order to meet the needs of users of the production of valves to clear the specific needs and choose.
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