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How to fix the syringe needle in the process of the glue?

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The dispensing needle is an important accessory desktop dispensing machine, mainly used for storing and dispensing glue by pressure extrusion, the market in the industry has a variety of colors of the glue storage tube, mainly used to prevent the glue by the external effect of curing in storage, dispensing needles such as amber is mainly used for storage of UV, operation personnel to conduct fixed right in the choice of a suitable dispensing syringe, ensure dispensing work can be stable.
Carbon dispensing syringe with a specially placed dispensing syringe slot in the dispensing machine transmission system, the operator should select dispensing syringe and placing groove phase matching, and then the alignment and dispensing plane, finally tighten the knob on the fixed fixed, after the completion of commissioning work is needed to confirm whether the fixed. If the dispensing needle cylinder is fixed there will be a good dispensing deviation or dispensing needle deflection problem, this time on the need to re fix.
Stainless steel dispensing syringe dispensing syringe can store different glue, because most are made of plastic dispensing needle, it cannot be used for hot melt glue, hot melt glue dispenser need to use hot melt adhesive dispensing, storage of rubber barrel hot melt glue dispenser with special material, can store a variety of high temperature glue glue, glue tube and hot melt adhesive dispensing machine is generally fixed, there is no need to worry about the fixation effect of hot melt adhesive dispensing machine rubber tube.
Stainless steel automatic dispensing needle according to the actual demand and manual dispensing syringe, hand-held dispensing syringe has the advantages of simple and user-friendly easy to operate, the fixed effect depends on the operator's control efforts, as hold the dispensing syringe to avoid affecting its, it should be clearly a variety of dispensing syringe using method.

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