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What is the solution to the glue in the syringe

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Along with the application scope of dispensing machines continue to expand, but also indirectly promoted the further increase of dispenser market sales, increase sales, but also further promote the rapid development of industry. The dispenser dispensing syringe dispensing equipment as one of the important parts in the play in the dispensing process of the role is self-evident.
Although domestic dispensing needle technology is perfect enough, but then the precise parts are produced when the dispensing needle is no exception. In the dispensing process if the curing of the glue dispensing needle how to solve or avoid? So common dispensing syringe and those problems?
The dispensing needle is also known as the material storage barrel, a needle cylinder, is used to glue dispensing equipment storage containers. With the use of glue dispensing machine and the increase of the category, type of dispensing syringe is also in constant increase, the current type of dispensing syringe on the market are: ordinary white dispensing needle barrel, amber dispensing needles, stainless steel and carbon steel dispensing syringe dispensing syringe and other dispensing syringe. Dispensing syringe used for different glue are also different, like this kind of special UV glue if you are using a white dispensing syringe ordinary words can easily lead to glue curing.
Currently on the market in addition to dispensing syringe dispensing syringe and stainless steel needle dispensing dispensing needle slightly more expensive, ordinary in the price is relatively cheap, if the glue curing occurs in the course of the problem, you can try to prevent hardening of lubricant, which is currently dispensing syringe glue curing way. If done in this process, you do not bother to choose the best replacement dispensing needle is the most simple, the most effective way.
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