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How to choose the syringe needle

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In the use of dispensing machine, the point glue needle cylinder is used as the dispensing accessories, and the function of each glue dispensing process is self-evident. So the dispensing syringe is so important. So what are the methods of selecting a suitable dispensing syringe?
With the rapid development of dispensing industry and the increasing number of dispensing machines, the corresponding dispensing cartridge also matches the types of dispensers. There are so many kinds of dispensing syringes on the market now, how can we choose the right dispensing syringe correctly?
Although the dispensing use was broad enough, but some of the dispensing syringes used is not very understanding, that it is not important, in fact, this idea is wrong. Dispensing syringe is the choice of norms, one must consider the nature of the glue glue is two; the viscosity of the problem; three is the chemical properties of glue.
Let's take a few examples. Instant glue: the safety piston and Teflon inner metal dispensing needles for water use can be used for instant glue with strong viscosity. The conical oblique dispensing needles can be used. If there is flexibility, the PP dispensing needles should be used. Amber: use UV glue dispensing syringe, the piston and the oblique white needles (shielding ultraviolet) if the use of other types of needles, can be made to Automation Co. Ltd. for a purchase. There are two special cases: the use of black opaque light curing adhesive dispensing syringe, the piston can shield the ultraviolet white. Anaerobic adhesive dispensing needle; use 10CC dispensing syringe and universal piston white PE. In order to make the glue more efficient and ensure the quality of the glue, the different kinds of glue syringes are selected according to the different kinds of glue.
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