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Precautions for using a syringe needle

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The dispensing needle is also known as the storage barrel, is used for glue container storage pneumatic dispensing machine, which are used in the dispensing needle dispensing process matters needing attention? If you encounter the following this kind of dispensing needle problem, how to solve? Here by system technician to give you a simple user about the operation process should pay attention to the five points.
1, curing temperature curve: for the dispensing time of glue used for dispensing syringe, usually the manufacturer will give the temperature curve. In actual operation, we should use the higher temperature to solidify, so that the glue will have enough hardness after curing.
2, the distance between the dispensing syringe and the working face: the dispensing machine is different in type, and the dispensing syringe is also different, some of the dispensing syringe has a certain degree of stoppage. The calibration of the distance between the needle and the working face must be done before the start of the glue. The height of the Z axis is calibrated.
3, bubbles: there must be no bubbles in the glue. A small bubble will cause the production of goods without glue; each time the rubber tube is replaced, the air should be exhausted to avoid the air conditioning.
4, glue pressure: glue equipment to provide a certain pressure to ensure the supply of glue (glue gun) to ensure the glue water supply, the pressure strength determines the amount of glue and the speed of glue outflow. Too strong pressure can also lead to the overflow of glue and excessive glue, and the unevenness and leakage of the glue will result in the effect of the product. The pressure and strength should be selected on the basis of the properties of the glue and the temperature of the operating environment. The high temperature of the environment will make the viscosity of the glue smaller and the fluidity better. At this time, the pressure value needs to be reduced, and vice versa.
5. Viscosity of glue: the viscosity of glue affects the quality of the syringes indirectly. When the viscosity is large, the glue point will be smaller and even wire; the viscosity is small, the glue point will become larger, and then it will be dyed to the product. In the dispensing operation, the proper pressure and glue speed should be selected for the glue of different viscosity.
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