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What pay attention to the use of the pressure bucket

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Using the method of pressure barrel is relatively simple, only need to put the hose and pipe is installed in place, and then received the dispensing machine, it is possible to use the pressure barrel work, although the use of pressure barrel is relatively simple, but also can not be negligent, otherwise the consequences is also relatively large, but also can affect the dispensing the efficiency and quality of dispensing machine, causing economic losses of enterprises The loss outweighs the gain..
The pressure barrel problems is actually quite many, for example: pressure strength, conveying the amount of glue, these are the problems that need attention, or using the pressure barrel can not reach the original effect, will lead to uneven glue dispensing machine appears or glue a large amount of problems, these problems are needed after careful treatment can solve.
Although the pressure barrel issues relative to the dispenser, the problem will certainly be a lot less, but also part of the pressure barrel is relatively small, there are few problems, but also need to pay special attention to these problems, or to the final dispensing problems are not aware of what is going on, because of the emergence of dispensing machine the problem may be more, many people will doubt the pressure barrel will be a problem, so I want to work to need dispensing machine, pressure barrel problems are solved.
Need to pay attention to the problem of the pressure barrel is so few, mainly control the pressure strength of the need to pay special attention to some, because the pressure is too much important for dispensing, so be sure to keep the pressure control within the suitable range of dispensing, there are some small errors can be, but not too much. The sealing degree of the pressure bucket is also very important, and it is also a problem to be paid attention to.
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