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Are there any glue valves that can point silica gel

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Silica gel is a kind of high activity, the main ingredient is silica, also called silica, plays an important role in the manufacturing industry, need to use silicone filled seam production process in a variety of items with silica gel, stable properties, adhesive strength and hardness are closely related, if you want to use a silicone glue to use specific the valve for dispensing.
Silicone dispensing valve is a valve work mainly used silicone dispensing, and is made by anodized stainless steel, long service life and the work environment to good effect, have anti corrosion performance of the silicone dispensing valve 304 stainless steel has more advantages than the performance of general dispensing valve. Support large flow of glue, ensure the stability and consistency of silica gel supply, and ensure the quality of the glue.
Silicone dispensing valve for dispensing in all kinds of high viscosity glue, in addition to the silica gel is suitable for dispensing epoxy adhesive, solder paste and other high viscosity fluid dispensing nozzle is connected, support different specifications to complete dispensing work more, by connecting with special pressure barrel can accomplish more with the needs of the dispensing work, to ensure the consistency and efficiency silicone dispensing, create higher production efficiency for users.
In the course of daily use to correctly handle the glue properties, if it is to carry out special glue to treatment dispensing, periodic maintenance can greatly reduce the frequency of silicone dispensing valve problems, silica gel is mainly applied to the slit filling, the use of silicone dispensing valve with high precision can be accurately filling to slit, improve the product practicability and production efficiency.
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