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Key points for the operation of the precision dispensing val

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All kinds of glue fittings in the glue dispenser cooperate with each other to finish all the glue work, whether it is the glue packaging operation, or the ordinary product glue. In this way, we must have a detailed understanding of the dispensing parts in the dispensing machine, so that we can better control the main control system of the dispensing machine, and achieve the precise control of glue to complete the dispensing work. For example, the precision glue valve is the dot glue machine which can control the glue glue accurately, then how do we operate the glue valve?
Before we operate the dispenser, we should have a certain understanding of the precision dispensing valve technology and the precise dispensing valve working principle, so that we can better use the dispensing valve to do the dispensing work. First of all, the precision dispensing valve must be installed on the precision glue dispenser to give full play to its excellent performance. Because most of the precision glue machine is to use electric power to manipulate the glue parts work, so the interior of the glue valve is also used to drive power.
Secondly, because it is electric drive, so the motor in dispensing valve only needs stator and rotor composed of fixed rotation structure, which can achieve precise control and transportation of glue. Finally, the dispensing valve can make the stator reverse movement around the rotor, so that the reverse movement of the glue glue can be realized, that is, the reverse suction ability of the glue.
If you want to make a precise control of the dispensing valve, must use to the main control system of dispensing machine, need to set the interface on the numerical dispensing, for example: valve opening time, closing time, glue velocity and other numerical variables, so as to realize precision dispensing dispensing product control.
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