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Application range of precision dispensing valve

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The dispensing valve is one of the most important parts in the work of the dispensing machine, mainly used in a control flow of glue accessories, including general precision dispensing valve is very wide, most dispensing devices support equipped with precision dispensing valve, precision dispensing valve is higher than the general precision dispensing valve, the dispensing valve can accurate measurement glue, improves the normal practicality and the use range of dispensing.
The application of precision dispensing valves is very wide, and most of the precision dispensing valves are used in high demand adhesive work at present. The utility and value of chip package can improve chip, but the dispensing valve general cannot be measured precision dispensing, and dispensing valve support metering trace glue, so the chip package part of the dispensing valve dependent, the glue can be evenly coated on the surface of the chip to package protection effect by glue valve processing, and not for the dispensing process to normal use, can guarantee the best working accuracy in bulk dispensing work, problems of overflow leak, no chip package.
Dispensing valve role is not limited to the packaging work, slit filling work can be realized by a dispensing valve, filling to avoid glue viscosity is too low and affect the normal use, through the dispensing valve control can meet most of the filling work, ensure complete filling glue in slot inside, strengthen practical the use and effect of the finished product, so the precision dispensing equipment equipped with a dispensing valve will have more practical, comprehensive.
There are different precise dispensing valves on the market, the lifting type precise dispensing valve and the thimble type precise dispensing valve. Users should choose the suitable dispensing valve according to the actual demand.
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