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The working principle and advantages of precision dispensing

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The use of precision dispensing machine in manufacturing industry is very extensive, mainly used in some high quality packaging or adhesive dispensing work, the actual efficiency and accuracy than traditional dispensing more efficient and practical, precision dispensing machine is equipped with a dispensing valve as the control flow of glue accessories, the precision dispensing machine has wider scope of work.
Precision dispensing valve is higher than the traditional precision dispensing valve work, most used in high precision production, working principle of precision dispensing valve is mainly driven by pneumatic flow of glue dispensing, the glue is pressed into the pressure tank of compressed air, and water flow transmission connection glue and feed pipe through, according to the actual demand you can adjust the size of air pressure control glue.
The advantage of the precise dispensing valve is simple operation, easy to use, and can be removed and cleaned at will. The advantage of the pneumatic working dispensing valve is that the consumption of the work is small, and the gas source is more stable and efficient, so that the precise glue dispensing function can complete the even and efficient glue coating.
With the continuous expansion of market demand, the emergence of a variety of valve for precision dispensing, dispensing valve precision dispensing valve belongs to a high viscosity suitable for different properties of glue, glue can use red glue, hot melt adhesive, epoxy resin with different properties of high precision dispensing work, precision dispensing machine with automatic suction function. There will be problems such as glue dripping off glue and suck back instantly, the actual application scope is more comprehensive and efficient, is a high performance work dispensing accessories.
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