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Equipped with a precision dispensing valve to do more glue w

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With the continuous progress of dispensing technology in China at the present stage, the dispensing machine structure is more simple and more convenient to use, simple structure and the function of arbitrarily dispensing group, the user can add accessories according to the actual demand, important parts belong to the dispensing valve dispensing machine, if users choose equipped with precision dispensing valve can complete more high quality high demand dispensing work.
Normal dispensing dispensing valve will automatically open the normal flow of glue dispensing, the opening size of control flow can be controlled according to the requirements of dispensing valve, if the need to limit the flow of glue dispensing valve can be closed, dispensing valve function is mainly used to control the flow of glue dispensing valve, the working precision than general dispensing valve high sensitivity, precision dispensing valve is very high, the operator can adjust the parameters according to the real-time changes, to ensure the coherence of stable dispensing work.
More precise works can be done by equipping the precise dispensing valve. The precise dispensing valve supports metering and dispensing. The metering glue is only applied to the high demand precise dispensing work, taking chip encapsulation or bonding as an example. The chip package work not only to ensure the normal dispensing accuracy but also to achieve efficient dispensing efficiency, by configuring the dispensing valve can work on the comprehensive uniform glue coating the surface of the chip, which affect the chip free of foreign materials, and has certain anti shock effect, greatly improve the practicability of the chip, and support array programming the dispensing, to further enhance the efficiency of the chip package, is a practical and efficient work of dispensing valve.
The compatibility of the precise dispensing valve is very high. In order to complete the high demand dispensing work, most dispensing machines will choose the precise dispensing valve as the working part.
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